Tuesday, March 30, 2010

strawberries (fresh grown)

Here are a couple of the strawberries that we are getting from our strawberry plant. There are lots more of small ones growing. We went ahead and harvested the strawberries because we were afraid some animal like a squirrel or birds might get to the strawberries first.

The strawberries were good and Mary had one and I had one. There were only two ripe strawberries on the plant right now. Maybe with a little extra fertilizer they will produce the strawberries in greater abundance. I think that strawberries are annuals and keep growing year after year producing strawberries. When I was young I found a very small patch of wild strawberries. The wild strawberries were very small but very sweet and flavorful. I guess that all of the goodness was there but just in a smaller package (the strawberry). I kept this small patch a secret and would keep going back to it from time to time all summer long to pick the strawberries that had ripened. The plant was in the same spot year-after-year and I showed up year-after-year to harvest the flavorful strawberries. Growing up in a small farming town has its advantages with all of the fruits to eat. Correction, my town is too small to be classified as a town and is officially classified as a hamlet. So let me rephrase, "Growing up in a hamlet has it's advantage with all of the fruits to eat." Growing up in a hamlet.................. sounds like I grew up with Bilbo Baggins and the rest of the Hobbits like in the tale Lord of the Rings. Have an absolutely spectacular day. Lew

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