Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sunflowers arrive

Just look at what is popping up through the soil in my sunflower pot. Two of the three sunflower seeds have sprouted already. I am rapidly catching up to Seaside and her new sunflower plants. I have big plans for mine such as lots of Miracle-Gro plant food, sunshine and TLC. I was amazed at how quickly the seeds sprouted. What is seen in the picture is a new life starting. It is a living thing which I think that sometimes we forget when it comes to plants. I told Mary how amazed I was at the power of motion that the hibiscus plant by the back of the house has. Each morning it unfurls its petals in a large beautiful peach-colored blossom, come evening and it wraps its petals back up into a tight ball to await the morning sun. It repeats this every day. Amazing.

Tonight we had a great supper. Mary fried pork chops. They were boneless, thick and juicy, and all of the fat had been trimmed off by the store. After they had fried and were still in the pan, Mary deglazed the pan with teriyaki sauce and then finished up by frying some minced fresh onion with the pork chops. On the side were crinkle-cut carrots and a microwave potato with both margarine and sour cream. All of this was topped off with a special beehive blueberry pie. The blueberry pie was special because it had at least twice the amount of blueberries as a normal blueberry pie. The filling was very thick. Of course it cost a bit more than a regular blueberry pie but it was worth it.

No movies this week. There isn't anything playing that seems interesting. Fortunately, we have been pretty lucky lately on the DVD's that we check out at the library in that we have gotten quite a few really good movies. Since they are free, getting the movie DVD's from the library is a pretty good deal. Have a nice day and enjoy the cool weather while it lasts (which won't be for very long). Lew

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