Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rider Mower

Here is a picture of Mary on the new mower that we got. This was the first time that she used it. She really seems to like it. She is giving a nice wave of the hand for the camera. She liked it so much that she mowed both the front yard and the back yard without stopping. She really zips around the yard on it. There is a large sand pit of sugar sand in the back yard. Nothing really seems to want to grow on it. The self-propelled hand mower would sink in the sand and it had to be dragged through the sand pit with great effort. Because of the larger size tires of the riding mower, Mary said that she just zipped across it with ease and no sinking. This is great because the sand pit had been a real “pain” to try to mow.

You can see that Mary has a big grin in the picture above. The mower fits her like a glove and she can operate it with ease. The only problem was when she put the mower in reverse to back up, the engine would die. She discovered that this was a safety feature and that the blade had to be disengaged before backing up. If you don’t, the safety feature will shut the engine down. That is the brake pedal that she has her left foot on. It is a nice mower and we are both glad to have gotten it. Have a good day. Lew

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seaside said...

Having a good mower is essential especially when the weather gets warmer and the grass comes back from the dead of the winter.