Friday, March 19, 2010

mean green monster

This is our new mean green monster of a mower. Weeds and grass beware. It was delivered on a pallet tied down with straps. They didn’t even take the pallet away. Look at the front wheel. It is right on the edge of the pallet. We haven’t fired up the monster yet, we want to read the instruction manual first so that we know how to control this beast. Is there someone out there in “blogger land” snickering at my colorful description of our Weedeater mower? After all it is green like a John Deere mower.

I just hope it can also conquer the soft sugar sand in the backyard.
My monitor went out on my computer. I have been having trouble with it for about a week. The problem just kept getting worse and worse until finally it wouldn’t come on at all no matter how many times I pushed on the power button on the front of the monitor. The computer comes on but not the monitor. The computer needs to be replaced also. It needs a lot more RAM memory but it can’t be increased so it is time for a new computer. I want to get an HP computer with 8 gigabytes of Ram and upgrade it to 16 megabytes of RAM. A 1 terabyte hard drive would be nice but not necessary. My main concern is the RAM for speed. But with a new computer I will have to learn a whole new Microsoft windows operating system. I will be checking Best Buy for the computer because they have the Geek Squad onsite who can install the extra memory for me right away.
Have a good day. Lew

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