Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today is Tuesday and so today is movie day at the West Oaks mall. We are going to see the movie Repo Men which is an action movie. This particular theater is a really nice theater and all of the seating is stadium seating which makes it nice because no one in front will block the view of the screen. We also get coupons each week for a bag of free popcorn which we share and we still bring home about half of the bag because there is so much popcorn. In the “old days” the size of the bag would have been considered “large” but now it is considered “small”. But the price isn’t small if I had to pay for it. Like the old expression “For free I take but for pay I think over”. Free is good.

The theater sits right in a food court. Sometimes we will have lunch at the food court. My favorite restaurant at the food court is Panda Panda. I like their orange chicken. They use to have sesame chicken but it was very “heavy” because of all of the sesame oil. Their sweet and sour chicken has changed. Gone is the heavy coating of batter on the chicken and gone too is the red sauce. The pieces of chicken now has more of a thin light sweet coating with a slight crunch. It is hard to describe but is very different from the traditional sweet and sour chicken. They do have a “thing” of the red sweet and sour sauce on the steam table and they will pour some of the red sauce over the chicken if you ask them. The food court is very well lit because of the skylights in the ceiling which makes it bright and cheerful. Try the sweet and sour chicken at a nearby mall food court and let me know if it has changed. I am curious if this change in the sweet and sour chicken is just a local phenomenon. Besides, doing a taste test for Lew is a good excuse to go to the mall and have some chinese food. Have a great day and enjoy the weather before it turns hot. Lew


Lew said...

I made a mistake in my blog. The Chinese restaurant in the food court was Panda Express and not Panda Panda. Kudos to Mary for spotting this error. Lew

seaside said...

Nice pictures of the mall. It is jsut like I remember it to be. I went for the Japan place that served noodles and chicken.