Wednesday, March 24, 2010

rites of passage

I went out for a walk to Vignetti park which is a public park nearby. I saw the sneakers with their laces tied together and hanging from the electric line. I know that this is typically done on the last day of school. I guess that it must be a rite of passage of having finished a year of schooling. It may also be a sign of affluence.

I remember when I was young, if I had a pair of sneakers, I did not throw them up onto some electric lines because then I wouldn’t have a pair of sneakers any more. But now I guess that mom will go out and buy them a new pair.

The kids now seem to have more money to spend and material things than when I was young. Unfortunately, with the worsening inflation, I think that times are going to become a bit harder and seeing sneakers being tossed onto power lines will probably become less frequent. Vignetti park is a nice park and has a lighted baseball field as well as a soccer field, picnic area, basketball court, handball court, indoor gymnasium, and on and on. It makes for a pleasant walk. I am always thankful that I can go for a pleasant walk in a park year round' (no snow). One of the perks of living in Florida.

Nothing is planned for me for today and so it should be a leisurely day spent outside doing little things around the yard. I will also be working with some new computer software and hardware that I got that allows me to transfer music from audio tapes to my computer. Then I am able to transfer the songs onto my MP3 player for listening. Gone are the days of my Walkman portable tape player and "hello" to the small size and convenience of my MP3 player. And it holds an incredible number of songs. Plus it plays for hours on its rechargeable lithium ion battery. I use my MP3 player on a daily basis and I get a lot of pleasurable listening from it. Gotta go. Have a nice day. Lew


seaside said...

The sneakers could be tossed on the power lines based on a dare. It could be after a baseball game some kids dared another kid to toss their sneakers over the power line just to see if it could be done. Do you remember the Andy Griffith episode when Opie was challenged by the bully to hit a street light with a rock? The bully hit the street light and gave the rock to Opie just as his dad drove up. This was just a different way of look at things.

Tessie258 said...

Someone told me that shoes on a line is a sign of a drug house. Drugs can be bought there.

Dana Harrison said...

It is actually a sign that drugs are bought and sold nearby.