Sunday, April 26, 2009

sinking feeling

Isn’t there a song lyric that goes “I’ve got that sinking feeling”? Well, close enough anyway. This picture is from when I worked in Sanford. I was driving down a street when I saw the sinkhole form but it did expand while I was there. Of course, I called the police and that night I saw the sinkhole on the news so a film crew must have shown up after I left. Kind of scary how the ground can just open up like that. Never a dull moment here in Orlando. If it isn’t sinkholes, then it is hurricanes. Today is Sunday which is medium breakfast day which will consist of a bowl of grits, blueberry muffin donuts, and maple sausage. A bowl of grits, I guess that lets me know that I am in the deep south. When I was growing up in New York, we didn’t know what grits was. On our first vacation to Florida and we had a breakfast of eggs, toast and grits at a restaurant, neither my parents or I knew what to make of the grits. The waitress explained to us about grits. My dad asked if they had any hash browns and the waitress said that they only had grits. We tried the grits and we all liked them and I still like them to this day. But I must admit that if I had a choice between grits or hash browns, I would pick the hash browns. Mind you, I like grits but I love hash browns. See the difference? Sort of like an old television commercial for Stove Top stuffing where the mother asks the family sitting at the table whether they would like to have mashed potatoes or stuffing and the family all yells “stuffing” in unison. I am not sure what is on the agenda for today but there is always something. After all, I live in Orlando, tourist capital of the world where there is always something to do. And when I can’t think of anything, then there is always Downtown Disney to take a nice stroll and there is a McDonalds there so inexpensive food is available. There is also a quasi-church near Downtown Disney. I say quasi-church because it is not a part of the archdiocese and so it is not really a Catholic church. It looks just like a real Catholic church but it can’t be so I use the term “quasi” But the grounds are beautiful from what I have seen on their website. That would be nice to visit since it is Sunday. There is a bread store that we go to at Hiawassee and Silver Star and after we have made our purchase and are leaving the woman always says “Have a blessed day.” So being Sunday, I will borrow her phrase and say, Have a blessed day. Lew

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seaside said...

You look like you are on the edge of a disaster movie "The Day The Earth Caved In." I want to say "Run for your life" but this isn't really "Earthquake." I would have to say it is better than the twister stories I see on television.