Saturday, April 11, 2009

deviled eggs

Today was a pre-Easter day. We celebrated with hard boiled eggs. Well, sorta! The eggs started out as hardboiled and then Mary converted them into deviled eggs. Yummy. Mary used her own secret recipe for the yellow part. We had some for breakfast along with maple-flavored sausage and guilt-free doughnuts. Guilt-free doughnuts? How can there be such a things as guilt-free donuts? Mary takes a raspberry muffin mix and pours it into a doughnut pan. And presto, guilt-free doughnuts that are really muffins. A light dusting of powdered sugar and we had warm “donuts” fresh from the oven. A good breakfast is a good way to start the day. The picture above is a civil war reenactment that was held south of Orlando. The blue and the gray were going at it again. The cannons that they had were incredibly loud. I couldn’t imagine a hundred of them firing at the same time as likely occurred during the actual battles of the civil war. The explosion above was suppose to be that of a cannon ball exploding. The bleb of the explosion is quite spectacular. If you look just above the tree you can see a small object flying through the air. Actually, it is not a small object at all but a very large drum flung into the air by the explosion. It was warm this day and I felt sorry for the re-enactors because I knew that they had to be hot in their heavy clothes of that era. They had numerous tents set up where they were selling all kinds of things related to the civil war. A good time was had by all. Gotta go. The cat is calling and when she wants something, she wants it NOW or she will drive me crazy with the constant meowing. She probably wants to go out and be with her boyfriend Tony the cat. Have a nice day everyone.

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Anonymous said...

I know you enjoyed the devilled eggs, maple sausage and the "guilt free" donuts as you ate lots of all and I am glad you think so much of my cooking. I made devilled eggs to take the place of colored easter eggs as coloring eggs is a real pain to me. That civil war scene was really interesting. It was so well enacted. It was like the real thing. I always enjoy doing things with and for you...Mary