Sunday, April 12, 2009

Villager was right. She gets a lick-and-stick gold star. I did not catch a 12 pound bass. Not even a 12 ounce bass. Actually what I caught was.................well, nothing, as much as I hate to admit it. But as evident in the picture above, I have done better in the past. A barracuda. But we had a good time and had our little picnic at lunch time. Mary had sliced the remaining deviled eggs and made deviled egg sandwiches out of them. They were really good. We had some nice ice cold cans of soda with us also. After having spent quite a bit of time there without a bite we left. Especially, when Mary saw a bird scoop a fish out of the water. As we were leaving and walking down the boardwalk, a man and his wife coming towards us asked me if I had caught anything. I said a 12 pound bass but that I had let it go. He got real excited and said “Really?”. I told him “no, not really” and told him that I hadn’t gotten anything. We returned home and watched the movie Sink the Bismarck which was pretty good. Have as good day. Lew

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mnocoee said...

Well at least we went thru the motions of fishing and you might say we "ate out" and enjoyed our sandwiches on the pier. It was also a nice day so I think we had a good time together.......Mary