Wednesday, April 15, 2009

old house

I saw this old and tired house and thought how sad because at one time it was someone’s pride and joy. I try to imagine how nice it must have looked when it was built and the first owners moved in. A white house with a pretty blue trim. How proud and happy they must have been. Much the same as we are when we buy a brand new car right off the showroom floor. The car is so shiny and everything on it is in perfect condition. Then time passes and after ten years or so that nice shiny car now has faded paint, some scratches, and maybe even a dent or two. The carpeting inside the car as well as the upholstery on the seat is worn and faded. This car that was the apple of someone’s eye when it was brand new is now soon to be heading to the scrap metal heap. So too with this house. Once a nice brand new house and now worn and tired and in need of repair. It served its owners well keeping them warm in the winter and dry when it rained. And now no one wants it and it will be torn down. The design of the house is similar to that of a “cracker” house. Sadly, the house was torn down and now a vacant lot is what is left. What stories that house could have probably told, if houses could speak. In a year or two, most people won’t even remember that a house was even there. Except me, I will remember. I know that this story is similar to The Old Barn. If you want to read a very touching story and hear some equally touching music then try visiting the site, I am sure that you will like it.

After this sad story, please try to have a nice day. Lew

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seaside said...

Everything has character,but not everything gets saved. The roof was rusted and probably wouldn't keep out the water from the rain. In Orlando, old houses are torn down because they are used as drug houses. Even the best of the old has to go through replacements just to preserve the idea of an old house or even an old car. Somethings last a long time like a type of wood that was used at the house we mom and I lived in at Oakland. The wood was termite prove and thick. Plus, it still looked well preserved. However, other woods break down and don't last at all.