Saturday, April 18, 2009

No hummingbirds at my hummingbird feeder yet. Reminds of that very old Maytag commercial about the Maytag repairman being the loneliest person because his phone doesn't ring with people calling to get their Maytag washers repaired. A cute commercial. Well, my hummingbird feeder is getting lonely also and could use the company of a hummingbird or two. The picture above is from the package of hummingbird nectar that I bought for the feeder. Today Mary is going to do a little grocery shopping. I will probably go to Barnes and Noble. There is a textbook that I want to get. Barnes and Noble have this book club of sorts that you can join for $ 25 and then you get 40% savings on books that you buy there. There is a textbook that I want to get on the physics of diagnostic x-ray. It is a good book but like all textbooks, it is expensive and so the 40% discount will be quite a savings. On Tuesday I will be going to a medical job fair at the Gaylord Palms hotel in Kissimmee. There are going to be around 40 vendors there. I am not looking for a job but since it is free I would like to go to see it. Plus the vendors there give away all sorts of novelty items like pens, key chains, coffee mugs, and even Gideon bibles. Plus it is at the Gaylord Palms which is elegant. You are just surrounded by luxury when there. Gotta go. Have a nice day to one and all. Lew

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seaside said...

I give you credit for at least trying. I hope one is around for it to discover your feeder. They seem so mysterious to me. I don't understand their habits or why they do what they do. I hope you have a good time at the medical fair.