Wednesday, April 22, 2009

you talk'in to me?

“You talk’in to me? Are you talk’in to me? Well, you’se must be talk’in to me cause I don’t see anyone else reading this blog.” A fractured movie line from Robert DeNiro in the movie taxi. Yeah, that’s me in the picture, a New York Hoodlum. But as you can see by the date on the picture, it was a very long time ago. This was taken in the lobby of my high school. At that age I thought that I would stay young forever. By the way, that was a real leather jacket, not the cheap naughahyde or plastic stuff they have today. I stopped wearing the leather jacket when I started college and saw that a leather motorcycle jacket was not the correct thing to wear. Do you think that Henry Winkler used me as his inspiration for the character The Fonz? Actually, this was the style in New York at the time for the rough and tumble “tough guys”. So what did I metamorphose into? Check my next blog, you just won’t believe it is the same person.

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seaside said...

It is nice to go back and remember how it was back then. I look back and I see pictures of me and I know it was me. However, there are people who do not believe the picture was me. I just enjoy the past pictures when I want to travel back in time. Now I enjoy our Gardina bush about to bloom out in white flowers. Plus, mom has some sunflowers growing real well. There are pelicans I enjoy looking at and new movies to look forward to. I even enjoy the butterlies floating around in our yard.