Friday, April 10, 2009

Today was flower planting day. I went to Lillian’s wedding who is both a friend and a former co-worker of mine. She had a lovely wedding attended by lots of people. At the catered reception there were party favors at each persons place setting with an assortment of item. One of the items was a package of flower seeds. So today I planted them in a very rich potting soil and we shall see what type of flowers will grow. It reminds of that famous line “From this acorn a mighty oak will grow.” Did I get the quote right? I think that I am close but not exactly right on. Here in Florida with all of the rain and sunshine, most anything will grow with. In a future post I will describe the wildflowers (a.k.a. weeds) growing in the yard. In the meantime, as we use to say at Disney, “Have a magical day!”.

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seaside said...

I hope you have better luck than I did trying to plant carrots in a small pot. I guess I wasn't around enough to take care of the little weeds. My sister Glendon grows big collard greens. She has a unique way of cooking them. She fries them in soy sauce and flax seed. It does taste different. The flowers should be real pretty and be nice for picture taking.