Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the axe

This is the freezer at SuperSaver where the frozen foods were kept. The room was incredibly cold, way below freezing to keep all of the frozen foods “rock hard”. Without a heavy coat I couldn’t stand to be in there for more than about 3 minutes, and I one who likes the cold. There is an axe on the door. The purpose of the axe was to be able to chop your way through he door if you ever got stuck in there and the door wouldn’t open. One day some of the guys shut the door and made the handle inoperative while one of their coworkers was in there. This was done as only a joke and they were going to open the door in a minute or two. The person who got locked in the freezer was a long term employee of the store and realized that he had only a matter of minutes to get out before he would freeze. He immediately grabbed the axe and started chopping away at the door. The perpetrators heard him and knew what he was doing and immediately opened the door. The chop marks from the axe remained in the door as a reminder to everyone not to play potentially dangerous jokes. “All’s well, that ends well” as they say and that is what happened, but it must have been a moment of terror for the person in the freezer. A true story for your entertainment. Lew

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seaside said...

The employee did the right thing. There are less hazardous jokes like whopee cushions that don't do alot of damage. I would probably be in a panick as well, if I were stuck in a freezer. It is like being stuck at the deep end of the pool and nobody to help you swim to safety.