Saturday, April 25, 2009

kitty, kitty

Kitty, kitty, where’s the kitty? There she is peeking down at me from the camphor tree. This cat loves to climb the trees. She literally runs up the tree and runs down the tree with ease. The first time that she went up this tree, she didn’t know how to get down and I had to help her. But she has mastered those skills now. There are numerous feral cats in the neighborhood and we were worried how they would accept her so we kept her in the house until she was old enough to defend herself. Once she had her hysterectomy we let her go outside any time that she wants. (when it costs $35 you call it spaying, when it costs $200 you call it hysterectomy. Same thing, only the price and name are different). She loves it outside and spends most of the day outside. She is very eager to go outside first thing in the morning as the sky is barely turning gray. And when she gets impatient, she will sit outside the bedroom door and meow a mournful cry until I get up and let her out. This poor little sick and starving feral kitten now has the good life. She has gone from not having enough to eat to having all that she can possibly eat and then some which has made her a picky and finicky eater whereby she picks and chooses the best parts of her food to eat first. She has high quality dry cat food available all of the time which she likes. She also gets canned cat food twice a day which she likes to lick up the juices first (the best part). Last night she had lots of fresh snapper from the dinner table which she liked (what cat wouldn’t). Yesterday was Friday and we always have fish on Friday. It is probably the cat’s favorite day for table scraps. Would the word “serendipity” be the correct word for what happened when Mary found her and took her in? Or would “lucky kitty” be more appropriate? Does Villager remember the dog called Lucky who I gave my lunch of Kentucky fried chicken to one day? The sky has turned from gray to blue so it is time to do go. Enjoy the day because the summer heat is coming and it will make you a believer in global warming. Ever see the movie The Day the Earth Caught Fire? Hot, hot, hot! Take care. Lew

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seaside said...

Mom does remember Lucky. She shook her head in agreement when I asked her. It is nice to hear the kitty is doing so well. I am sure she will have a long and happy life.