Monday, April 13, 2009

SuperSaver. What a great name. After all, who doesn’t want to save money. I grew up as a child in the grocery business with my father being a store manager of a chain grocery store called Grand Union. So as a child I had lived and breathed everything about the grocery business. When I became 16 years old, I started working part-time in a grocery store (not my fathers) and continued working part-time for a number of years. I guess that you could say that the grocery business was in my blood. Although I chose a career in the medical field, I kept fond memories of the grocery business. And so it was natural that after retiring I would gravitate back to the grocery business. I got a part-time job in this SuperSaver store pictured above. The manager's name was Steve and he was absolutely delightful. Always cheerful and always had a kind word or a friendly greeting. He had brief morning meetings with the crew and the meeting always ended with a peppy motivational saying and cheers and applause. The girl who worked in our bakery had been a cheerleader and she would make a cheerleading style of jump into the air when everyone was cheering. I have to say that Steve the manager definitely evoked a team spirit and it was very pleasant working there. All of the crew members were happy and got along with each other as friends. Unfortunately, the store closed after about a year. I miss all of the friends that I made there. The crew got scattered over various grocery stores in the area and I run into them from time to time and we talk about the “good ole’ days” and try to keep up with what is happening to whom. I made a lot of fine friends there and had a good time. And I hope that this is a good day for one and all.

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mnocoee said...

I remember "SuperSaver". I did some shopping there. I use to drop by to see you sometimes on my lunch hour from work. You were so happy and cheerful while at work. Remember you used to walk me to my car with the groceries? It was nice to shop there because you actually did save money on lots of items. I was sad to see the store go........Mary