Thursday, April 9, 2009


Animals are so sweet. They ask nothing and give so much. Here is a kitten which my wife found in the backyard. It's mother was a feral cat. Once my wife had picked it up, it was for keeps. The kitten was much younger than in this picture. A trip to the veterinarian for a check-up took care of an eye infection that it had. I was worried that being a feral cat, that it would grow up to be wild. My fears were for naught. It is an adorable and loving cat and likes to be with us all the time. Sometimes, you just get lucky and we got lucky with this kitten. She has gone from a life of probably near starvation to a life where she has the best foods, a place to sleep on the couch with her own blanket, a soft cushiony bed on the floor, and a jillion other things that she would never have gotten if she had remained wild. Oh yes, she likes to spend most of her time inside the house where she doesn't get wet when it rains, where it is warm in the winter, and air conditioned nice and cool in the summer. Definitely a pampered kitty. Here she is lying on my scanner next to my computer. Anyone have a similar pet that just showers you with affection? Everyone have a nice day.

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Anonymous said...

Tammy is her name. We are both glad she walked into our lives. She is the most wonderful cat. She thinks we are her parents. She comes when we call her and purrs while we hold her. She is the purfect cat.