Sunday, April 19, 2009

dive, dive, dive!

You may see these from time-to-time in stores with boxes of merchandise piled up on them. The employees call them U-boats because of the “U” shape to them. I would always chuckle when I had to use them because I felt like a WWII submarine commander since after all, I was in charge of a “U-boat”. I wanted to yell “dive, dive” just like I see in the movies. Sometimes when I had stock to take out and put on the shelves, all of the U-boats would be in use. This happened to all of the employees rather frequently because there just wasn’t enough of the U-boats. Some of the employees would take one at the end of the day and hide it so that there would be one for them to use for the following day. Well, this only made the shortage even worse. When I needed a U-boat and none was available, I would start looking in all of the available hiding spots where someone would be likely to hide. I would invariably find one that someone had hidden. Oh my, the games people play, an adult version of “hide and seek” in a manner of speaking. But it was all part of working there and everything was taken in good spirit. I always believe that the attitude of the employees comes right from the top and our manager Steve was so good that everyone was happy, even when there was hoarding of the
U-boats. Have a nice day and I wish everyone to have a manager as nice as Steve. Lew

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seaside said...

This is a nice tribute to Steve the Manager. It sounds like you had fun working at the grocery store. Dive! Dive! Dive! Good imagination. I would not even think of this as a u-boat, just as a moving device.