Sunday, October 10, 2010

tree climber

This is Tammy trying to get a better view of some birds in the tree tops. She doesn’t climb trees very often because she is a little bit too heavy for that sort of thing and it is difficult for her. Climbing trees is a lot of work.

Usually the only thing that she climbs is a chair so that she can lie down on a nice soft cushion. She gets up off the chair when she wants to get a snack from her 24-hour cat food buffet. And thank goodness for the cat food buffet because she would have a terrible time trying to catch her daily food. Here she is camouflaged by some leaves which is not too effective for a black and white cat. She really stands out. Anything can spot her right away. Especially the red collar with the little bells on it.

When she tries to come down the tree it takes her longer than when she went up the tree due to indecision on just exactly how to get down. But with time she gets down all right.

Actually she spends most of her day outside exploring the yard, life seems to be such an adventure for her. She reminds me of myself when I was young, the only thing that I had to do was play and have fun. I didn’t have to worry how food was going to be put on the table, pay the rent, or put gas into the car. My parents took care of that. I just played and explored the fields (I even saw a wild rabbit once). So it is with Tammy. She doesn’t worry about anything except having fun. Actually, the feral cats are causing her quite a bit of stress, but that can be avoided by her coming into the house which is her safe zone. She seems to go to Mary when she needs some comforting and TLC. She is a great cat and gives us a lot of entertainment with her antics. Be kind to someone today. Lew

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