Thursday, October 14, 2010

cat vs squirrel

Here is Tammy in her favorite pursuit, chasing the squirrels. Can you see her to the left of the driveway? That little black and white blob? Look closely. Here is a close-up to help you see her.

I guess that she thinks that by hiding behind the trash bag full of leaves that the squirrels won't see her. Even if she spots a squirrel she is going to have to run around the bag which will take time and the squirrel will long be gone up the tree. But there is one squirrel that doesn't run from her.

This squirrel is in the living room. One day recently Tammy just sat and looked at it.

Here she is at the foot of the couch looking up at the mounted squirrel on the wall. After a short period of time she jumped up onto the back of the couch and reached up with her paw and gently touched the squirrel. She sat on the back of the couch staring at the squirrel for a while before jumping back down. She hasn't displayed any interest in the mounted squirrel on the wall since then. Her world is one of exploring the front and back yards for anything she finds interesting. When it gets hot in the afternoon she comes into the air conditioned house and either sleeps or looks out the window from her special kitty shelf.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget munching on her cat food endless buffet. What a great life she has.

I am enjoying this slightly cooler weather. It makes working outside more pleasant. Mary celebrated her birthday yesterday. Her children who work will be coming over to the house this weekend for a birthday visit. We are going on a boat dinner cruise on Friday for her birthday. It should be fun. Have an enjoyable day. Lew

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