Saturday, October 16, 2010


Mary is attempting to make the weeds in the yard an endangered species by sitting on a low stool and pulling them out of the ground individually by hand. Since we are on well water we don't use the chemical weed killers. This is a very tedious and time consuming chore and the hot bright sun makes it all the worse. So we got this canopy so that she can sit in the shade while pulling the weeds. The canopy is not fastened to the ground and so she can move it around by moving each leg a short distance one at a time. This also is tedious and time consuming but usually she only has to move the canopy to the next adjacent patch of weeds. As I said, the canopy is not tethered to the ground and on a blustery day the canopy acts like a sail.

And we end up with this. The canopy doesn't go far because once it is upside down the wind can't catch the roof of the canopy. Mary and I go out and put the canopy back upright. If we know that it is going to be windy we will go ahead and turn the canopy upside down to prevent the wind from catching the material of the roof of the canopy and flipping it. As we come out of the heat of the summer months into the cooler temperatures of fall, we may not need the canopy. When that time comes the canopy is very easily and quickly disassembled until the next year. Because of the lack of rain lately the rate of growth of the grass has slowed way down. Mary is under the weather with a summer cold and so she won't be pulling any weeds until she feels better.
Have a pleasant day and enjoy the cooler weather. Lew

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