Saturday, October 9, 2010

big breakfast Saturday

This is the cake that Mary made. The icing is a cream cheese icing which is very rich and very sweet. She added M&M's to give the cake a lot of festive color. Plus the M&M's are an extra treat. It is a fun cake. A brightly colored and cheery cake.

We had it for dessert after a supper of scallops, mashed potatoes, and a salad. The brown and orange spots in the cake were included with the cake mix to give the cake a Halloween flair.

This morning for the "big" Saturday breakfast Mary made roast beef hash by placing it into her toaster oven which is pretty good sized and browning the very top layer of the hash.

We usually have corned beef hash but she decided to have the roast beef hash this time just for a different kind of hash. It was good. Mary puts a layer of hash on the plate and then places two fried eggs (over easy) on top of the hash. It is so good because when I cut through the egg with my fork, the yolk runs down into the hash and not a drop of the yolk is lost. We had english muffins on the side with butter and strawberry preserves. That's right, strawberry preserves, not strawberry jam or jelly. We had the good stuff, strawberry preserves. I was stuffed and we retired to our computer room to check our email. When we were finished with the computers we went outside and I battled with the grape vines up in the tree one more time and Mary pulled some weeds. I did some birthday shopping for Mary this afternoon and then we watched a post-apocalyptic movie called The Road. It was quite good but a bit depressing to see people reduced to starvation after the collapse of civilization. But it had a happy ending which is good. We checked the DVD for The Road out of the library so we got to watch it for free. Have a nice evening and those who have a "big" breakfast Sunday, enjoy and eat till you are full and relish every bite of a fine breakfast. Live life to the fullest. Lew

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