Saturday, October 2, 2010

the red river

Tonight we had some Purdue brand breaded chicken patties. The coating was nicely seasoned and it was quite tasty. The patties were chicken breasts, real chicken breasts, not those ones in the frozen food section that are pressed scraps of chicken meat that vaguely resemble a chicken breast patty. This was the good stuff by Purdue. We also had mashed potatoes and broccoli flowerettes. You know, the very ends of the broccoli which is the tastiest and most tender part of the broccoli.

But the "piece de resistance" was the cake that she had made for dessert. It was a butter pecan loaf cake (butter pecan ice cream is one of my favorites). She cut a wedge in the top of the cake running the length of the cake. The cake had a generous icing of cream cheese frosting which is always very rich and tasty. Then Mary put cherry pie filling into the wedge. Can you see the cherries in the pie filling glaze?

Mary and I both cut a piece and started eating. I happened to look over at the cake and the cherry pie filling was very slowly running from the wedge down the face of the cake. I watched it's slow movement and it reminded me of a river. A red river of cherry pie filling. The cake was very good and the cherry pie filling was an excellent addition. There is plenty of cake left which we will have for dessert tomorrow night and the night after until it is gone.

The feral cat Dolly has two kittens and Mary has selected two names for the kittens.

This is Dolly, the squinty eyed feral mother cat with one of the two kittens. I had been taking flash pictures of the cats and I think that is why she is squinting her eyes. Mary named this kitten Betty. The other kitten is black with white socks but I don't have a picture of it. Mary has named it Billy. It is a runt and is lagging in growth as compared to its sibling. We don't know whether the kittens are male or female but if the names are inappropriate we will rename them to something appropriate. Remember the Johnny Cash song A Boy Named Sue? We wouldn't want that for the kittens.

The weather has gotten much cooler and we had a nice strong breeze this evening. It was so pleasant outside as compared to last week. Go outside tomorrow and have a great time. And don't forget to take your camera with you. I will have mine. Be kind. Lew

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