Monday, October 11, 2010

a study in black and white

Here is Tammy on her special window ledge with her toy mouse. A wonderful study in black and white. But there is another "diamond in the rough" as they say. It is Betty.

Doesn't the two of them look alike? They have a common mother Dolly and obviously a common father and so I guess that makes them sisters.

This is the mother of Tammy and Betty. In this picture Dolly is in the garage. There is a window in the living room that looks out into the garage. Mary is standing in the window and Dolly was looking up at her. I think that the father lives next door. I will try to get a picture of him. I wanted to post the two pictures of the cats because of their similarity in color patterns of their coats. Quite a study in black and white. Have a nice day and enjoy those things around you that most people seem to miss, like the beauty of the cats in your neighborhood. Peace be with you. Lew

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