Friday, October 15, 2010


Today Mary and I went on the boat cruise on Lake Monroe and up the St. John's river. The weather was cool which made sitting out on the deck very pleasant. As the boat plied through the water, the forward motion caused a nice breeze. This is probably the perfect time of the year to go on the cruise. Mary selected the pork loin to eat and I opted for the meatloaf. It was a great cruise and we had a great time.

Tammy is spending more time in the house which means she gets bored. She just sits and has that bored stare to her.

To help alleviate her boredom Mary and I will play with her. In this case I am playing with her with a strip of cloth Mary made into a toy. Mary had also played with her with the cloth strip.

We buy her expensive toys but she prefers these simple toys like the strip of cloth or even a twist tie which is one of her favorites. On occasion she will look to see if we are around.

If she doesn't see us then she will be bad by stretching her claws on the furniture.

We get after her for it and she doesn't seem to do it as much as she use to. I see her using the trees in the yard more often now for the claw scratching. Unfortunately the couch has taken a bit of a beating as can be seen in the picture and May has ordered some furniture slip covers from Sears. This behavior seems to be universal among cats. Notice how long her tail is in the above picture.

Tonight we had a light supper because of the large meal on board the riverboat. Mary made tuna fish salad sandwiches. She saved the liquid from the can of tuna for Tammy which she absolutely relishes. No fussiness on her part with the tuna can liquid. She eats it all and licks the bowl dry. What about the dog?

Mary saved some of her roast pork from the river cruise for him and he also relished every mouthful and licked the plate clean. Yeah, I know that the pets are spoiled. Take care and have a nice cool day. Lew

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