Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is a cat next door. The picture is of a poor quality because I had to use my telephoto mode. The color of the eyes looks kind of weird. I think that it is because the image is of such poor quality due to using the telephoto at its maximum setting and then enlarging the picture as much as possible. It appears as though the image has started to break down due to pixelation. I think that the eyes are probably light green like Tammy's or gray. If I have an opportunity to get closer to the cat I will get another picture so that I can see what the eye color is. The coloration markings on this cat seem so similar to the markings on Tammy.

This cat is a short hair while Tammy is a long hair. Mary thinks that a calico cat across the street is actually Tammy's father.

What do you think? I know what I think, I think that I want a paternity test. LOL. By the way the feral kitten that is living in the garage is turning into a little butterball. She has a tremendous appetite and seems to be so healthy.

The feral kitten is a long hair like Tammy so I think that they have the same father. Have any stray cats in your neighborhood? Are they hungry? Have a really, really nice day. Lew

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