Sunday, October 24, 2010

a mother's love

The feral kitten Betty has begun exploring the garage with “the curiosity of a cat”. Here she is on the workbench in the garage.

She seems to be a sweet cat. The interesting thing is her enormous paws which Tammy also had large paws when she was a kitten. Look at the little piece of dried grass that caught up on her right shoulder. She is a long haired cat and so everything is going to get caught up in her fur. She will be just like a giant dustmop. We have the same problem with Tammy and Mary has to get all of the stuff out of her fur once or twice a day to keep her fur nice and fluffy.

The kitten has decided to take a nap while up on the table and is actually laying on some poles that are tree pruning poles. I guess that the washcloth looked soft to her. Her eyes are closed as she drifts off to sleep.

As you can see her mother Dolly is concerned about her kitten being up on the table. She stands guard while her kitten sleeps. Dolly still exhibits a mother’s love for her kitten by showing her concern. Dolly just kept sitting there looking up at the table for her kitten. It is sweet to see the interaction between Dolly and her kittens. A good mother. Have a pleasant day. Lew

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