Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Mary and I went to see the movie Hereafter. It was better than I expected. It was real down to earth. What I didn't like was that there was 3 plot lines running at the same time and the characters in the plot line in France all of the actors spoke French with English subtitles. I know that having the actors speak French is suppose to lend a realism, but I find that reading the subtitles detracts from what is going on in the movie. It would have been better to have the actors speak English with a French accent. After all, in the original star trek series wasn't English spoken throughout the universe? I liked the scene of the tidal wave coming ashore at a beach resort. The special effects were great.

In this scene the tidal wave is coming down the street but it is hard to see in the picture. The aftermath of the tidal wave seemed pretty realistic also.

The tidal wave section of the movie resembled the tidal wave in Indonesia that occurred.

There are quite a few movies coming up that are pretty good so I think that we will be one of the movie theaters better customers. We are looking forward to the sci-fi movie Skyline.

It should be showing in the movies in a few weeks. I always like science fiction. Have some fun and take in a movie. I know that there are "big screen T.V.'s but there really isn't anything like the really big screens of the movie theater and excellent sound systems which allow me to just lose myself in the movie. Enjoy your favorite movie soon and don't forget the popcorn and soda. Lew

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