Tuesday, October 5, 2010

should I jump?

This is Tammy in the early morning on the trunk of Mary's car. It is summer and quite humid thus there is a heavy coating of dew on the trunk lid. Why do cats like to walk on cars so much? It is quite common for me to see paw prints on the windshield of my truck. The trunk lid must be quite slippery from the dew. In the picture below, Tammy seems to be having second thoughts about jumping off of the trunk lid. But she eventually did jump.

Tammy has food available to her around the clock and she eats several times during the day and who knows how much at night when we are asleep. We keep Tammy in the house at night because of all of the bully feral cats roaming around the neighborhood at night. Because of all the food, Tammy has some weight to her and is very healthy. When she jumps down from a chair to the floor, she lands with a solid thud. She actually has the weight advantage to beat up the bully cats but she has led such a sheltered life with us that she is very timid and lacks the "wild" aggression. So she stays in the house until she wakes me up each morning around 5:00 am.

Today Mary and I went to see the movie The Town. It was a movie about a group of men who rob banks and armored cars. It is a real shoot-em-up action movie. The action scenes were great with uncounted numbers of bullets being fired from military style assault rifles. And let's not forget the numerous car crashes. A good movie and I enjoyed it. Have a good day and enjoy life to its fullest. Lew

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