Thursday, February 4, 2010


As in any war, the troops march of to battle with visions of glory.

It was indeed impressive seeing these troops lined up for battle. During the civil war many of the troops wore different colors and designs of uniform depending on what state they were from. Here we see three different styles of uniforms.

But as in any war, once the firing starts, the casualties are sure to follow.

There isn’t much glory for this individual.

Or this one.

As the battle continues, the casualties mount. The army doctors must have been kept very busy. But the civil war like all wars eventually comes to an end and then we return to a peaceful existence. I liked that this reenactment depicted the casualties of battle as well as the exciting cannon and rifle fire. This was a bitter cold day and for these reenactors to lie very still and not move on a very cold and hard ground must have been uncomfortable to say the least.
Today is Thursday and today will be a peaceful day with not much planned. We have been having rain one day followed by a few days of sunshine only for the rains to return once again followed by a few days of sunshine. We are having this rain-shower-rain-shower sequence. I want to rake the leaves in the yard while they are dry because wet leaves are so heavy and have a tendency to cause the plastic trash bags to tear. It takes a couple of days for the leaves to dry out and it has been a couple of days since the last rain. And with rain predicted for tomorrow, can you guess what is on my to-do list for today? Yep, raking leaves. It could be worse, I could be de-icing the windshield of the car like others living in frigid climates. Winter here in Florida is like autumn up north. So I am hoping for a calm day in the wind department because raking leaves on a windy day is so zany that all I can do is laugh as the leaves blow back over where I had just raked.
I am looking forward to the night launch of the space shuttle this week-end. The night launches are so spectacular and light up the sky. I will definitely get up to watch it here in Orlando. As the remaining number of shuttle launches becomes less and less, the crowds on the coast to watch them becomes larger and larger. Hopefully Seaside will get some pictures to share with us. Have a nice day and if you’re not doing anything today, how about helping me rake leaves. What? No volunteers? Lew

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