Wednesday, February 17, 2010

crazy wino

Crazy wino? That was a typo error. It should have been crazy wine not wino. Never heard of such a thing? Well, when Mary and I were at the History Center, in their gift shop they had these various types of bottles of wine for sale on their display shelves. But the wines were quite unconventional. Like the Orange Blossom Honey Wine pictured above.

Now orange blossom honey is my favorite type of honey. But orange blossom honey wine? I would rather have the honey. And it appears as though they won a medal for the wine at the state fair. I wonder what it tastes like? Maybe Mrs. Delaware has tried it.
Now orange wine sounds a little more sensible. Nice name, Orange Sunshine.

Now grapefruit wine might be pushing the limit a bit. How could you ever make that sweet? I would think that it would have to be bitter like grapefruit.

Now orange wine with fermented chocolate syrup may be a bit much. And they named the wine Cocoa Beach. Where is the wine named after New Smyrna Beach?

There was orange wine aged with coffee as well as tangelo wine. But the name Midnight Sun I always thought applied to Alaska. But the tangelo wine sounds interesting.

And of course let’s not forget the Mango Mamma wine or the blueberry wine. Mango Mamma sounds like something served in a Key West bar.

I know that this has been a lot of pictures but I needed them as proof that there really were all these different types of crazy wines (not wino). If someone had told me about these wines I would probably have had doubt. But I close with one last picture and a question. Why do they always put these large dents in the bottom of the wine bottles? Is it a structural thing to give strength to the bottle or like a beer mug, is it done to make you think that you are getting more than you really are?

Have a great day everyone. It is Wednesday or hump day as it is called and we are on a downhill slide to the week-end and never-ending fun. Well, never-ending fun for those of us living here in sunny Florida. For those folks living in Long Island, happiness is a new snow shovel. And for those living in Logan, you won’t be barbequing any hamburgers on the grill in the yard this coming week-end. Enjoy life anyway as best you can. Lew

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seaside said...

I never had grapefruit wine, but I did have grapefruit soda. I thought the grapefruit soda tasted good. I think Orange Blossom Honey Wine could be good tasting. I have Gallberry Honey from Osteen and I think that taste pretty good.