Thursday, February 11, 2010

favorite toy

Our cat Tammy is a pampered cat and she has all kinds of toys to entertain her. She has somewhere between one and two dozen of these small mice. They are about the size of a small mouse and at times she will carry one around as a trophy of having caught it. She is too well-fed to catch real mice. Are these mice her favorite toy? Nope!

Believe it or not this toy is supposed to represent a mouse. A calico mouse. You can see the little tiny ears and the tail. But this toy is special because it has a long Velcro fastener on its tummy that acts as a zipper. Open it up, pour in the catnip into the belly that came with it, zip up and give to the cat. The cat nip made the cat very playful and she liked playing with this toy until the catnip odor gave out. Was this her favorite toy, catnip and all? Nope!

This was an expensive toy. It is a motor driven mouse.

It is driven by the two rear wheels and steered by the white wheels up front that move and swivel. The drive motor in the mouse is powered by batteries. It must also have a computer chip because it will change directions on its own including backing up. This toy just fascinated the cat because of its random movements. A neat toy, right? Her favorite toy? Nope!

Yep! This is the cat’s favorite toy. A simple twist tie, the kind that holds the plastic bag shut on a loaf of bread. She will play with one for long periods of time; batting it around on the floor and then chasing it, carrying it in her mouth from one room to another. She just doesn’t seem to tire of them. So we didn’t need to get her all of those expensive toys but rather just a simple twist tie. Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior with a pet? Like feeding the pet fancy feast pet food and then the pet gets into the garbage and eats some garbage from the day before? We all have pets with their undying and unconditional love and affection which makes it all worthwhile. Personally, our cat Tammy makes me laugh a lot with her antics. And if you don’t have any pets then get an Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm for entertainment. Remember those ant farms? I had two of them at different times when I was young. A lot of fun and very entertaining. Have a fun filled day. Lew

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