Monday, February 8, 2010

rocket exhaust

This is about the best that I could do with the camera that I have. All that can be seen is the exhaust from the Solid Rocket Boosters or SRB's as we shuttle fans like to say. I know that it may sound like an old cliche but it really was tremendously nicer to see with the naked eye than what I got on the camera. So there it was around 4:15 am and me and the cat were standing at the chain link fence in the front yard freezing while looking at the shuttle launch. The sky was absolutely clear down to the horizon. I got to see the big dipper in its entirety. I looked for the north star but couldn't see it because of the city lights. Then it was back into the house to watch the full launch of the shuttle on television. I didn't go back to bed because I was wide awake after having stood outside in the cold. But I am sure that the tiredness will catch up to me later on during the afternoon.

Today is WalMart shopping day. Our local WalMart is so busy on yhe weekends that we try to do our shopping on the weekdays. The weather is chilly with a crisp wind which should put a little pink into the cheeks. Since it seems to be cold all across the nation, everyone everywhere try to to stay warm. Viva Gaia. Lew

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