Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sci-Fi Adventure

Today was an adventure trip to the History Center. This is Mary in front of the History Center as we are about to go in. Today they had a special deal on the admission. The special deal was that the admission price to the museum for today was free, and that is definitely a special deal. The history center had a special exhibit of costumes and props from science fiction movies. These included the Star Trek series, the Star Wars sagas, Terminator, Blade Runner, and “on and on”. It was a really great exhibit because these were the original costumes and props. Unfortunately, they would not allow anyone to take pictures of the exhibit. So for my blog I don’t have any pictures of the exhibit.

But the gift shop is another story. There were so many Star Trek and Star Wars items that it looked like a Star Trek convention in the gift shop. Practically anything that you could possibly want from sci-fi was on sale there. As you can see there were even Star Trek glasses. What is that at the bottom of the picture? Lunchboxes?

Yep! If you didn’t have a Star Trek lunchbox back in the 60’s, well you can have one now and impress the people at work.

And ears. Don’t forget the Vulcan ears. Slip a pair on whenever you drink your favorite beverage from you’re Mr. Spock glass

From you’re $ 10.99 glass. Just don’t drop and break it.

And in closing, no self-respecting Trekkie would be caught without some Star Trek trading cards.
I had a great time and I think that Mary did also but I am a bigger Star Trek fan than she is. We left the History Center and moseyed on over to the main Orlando library which is right next door to the History Center. The library is absolutely huge and has absolutely every book that you could even think of wanting. Racks upon racks of books. They even have a cafe inside the library so that if lunchtime comes and you haven’t finished looking at the books you can take a break and have a lunch of sandwiches or salads right in the library. Pretty neat. Have a nice day and stay warm. Lew

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