Friday, February 19, 2010

chop, chop

Perhaps the term “snip, snip” might be more appropriate than "chop, chop". I was in the backyard trimming the old branches of the grapevine with the pruner clipper in the picture. I had my stereo headphones on listening to my MP3 player. I always like to listen to music while working outside. Sort of like the Walt Disney tune Whistle While You Work. I was doing good on the trimming when the headphones went silent. The wire going from the MP3 player to the headphones was long and had gotten in the way and got snipped in half. I hadn’t seen that the wire had sagged down and was among the branches. But no problem because I have done this a number of times in the past and so I am well experienced in stereo phone wire repair. It is easy, just tedious.

Today was “buy one and get one free” in the meat department at Winn Dixie and so we took advantage of that sale. We saved over twenty dollars and spent only thirty-two dollars to get that twenty plus savings. A great deal. Tomorrow is Saturday and in addition to being “big breakfast day” it is also free pretzel day at Auntie Anne’s pretzel place at the mall. No coupon needed. I plan on getting a cinnamon and sugar pretzel. I am not sure what kind Mary will get. I wonder if Seaside and Villager are going for their free pretzels at Auntie Anne’s? Tuesday we are going to see the movie Shutter Island which is a scary movie. I got my weekly coupon via email from AMC for a free bag of popcorn and printed it out today. There just isn’t anything like movie theater popcorn. So turn off the television set and go to the movies, even if there isn’t anything good playing just to get the popcorn and soda. Have a good time this weekend. Lew

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seaside said...

I saw shutter island today and thought the movie was pretty good. It kept me guessing between reality or fiction. Situations kept changing in the story. I enjoyed the popcorn and diet coke. It makes the movie complete.