Sunday, February 28, 2010


I don’t know what kind of tree this is but its leaves have turned a bright red. But the leaves don’t seem to be falling off any more. I have seen other trees just like this one with the red leaves in the neighborhood. There is such a variety of vegetation and trees in Orlando. The picture above does not adequately show the redness of the tree. It is really a sight to see.

We went to the flea market at the Florida fairgrounds this morning. But no flea market. The County fair is going on instead. We didn’t go to the fair because the admission is $ 10 per person. I didn’t want to pay that much for a bunch of “carny” rides. I guess that Disney has spoiled me. So instead of being at the flea market, here I am typing my sometimes daily blog. It is suppose to warm up some and so after lunch I will probably be working outside. Have a nice day. Lew

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