Monday, February 22, 2010

tricky cat

The cat has learned a new trick. We had a problem with the chihuahua dog eating the cat's food so we cover the cat's bowl with a plastic lid. But then the cat can't eat from the bowl either and so when she shows an interest in the food we uncover the bowl. We came out to the kitchen one time and there was the lid lying about a foot from the bowl and the cat happily eating away. She lifts the lid off by herself. So now she has sort of a self-serve eatery and can eat the canned food anytime she wants. Of course the dry food is available as well.

Mary rescued the cat when it was just a kitten and the cat behaves as though we are her parents. I don't think that she remembers her real mother at all. And just like children who like to imitate their parents, the cat tries to imitate our behaviour and what we do. She sees us using our hands to eat with and we have noticed the cat doing the same. She will use her paw to scoop up cat food on the bottom of the bowl near the edge where it is hard for her to get to it. She will then lick the cat food from the foot pads of her paw and then go back for more. One smart kitty.

The weather is nice with respect to temperature even though rain is predicted for today. And so I am getting to do some yard work outside. Usually, it is too hot (summertime) or too cold (winter time) but right now it is just right. Sounds like Goldilocks and the three bears with the porridge. Now is the time for me to start thinking about what I am going to plant this spring. Maybe I can try growing some vegetable in containers instead of putting them in the ground. The vegetable just don't seem to do well in the ground. But the topsy turvy planter is doing great. Maybe some scallions. Have a nice day and enjoy the great outdoors. Lew

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