Monday, February 1, 2010

Batle of Townsend Plantation

Mary and I went to a civil war reenactment yesterday which was the Battle of Townsend Plantation. They had over 100 reenactors portraying the battle. They had numerous canon, probably close to a dozen all total. The boom of the cannons were thunderous with a huge amount of smoke. Every once in a while a cannon would “blow a smoke ring” to everyone’s delight. The announcer at the festivities said that a smoke ring from a cannon was a sign of good luck. I was lucky to get a picture of just such a smoke ring from a “cannon blast, pardon the pun. The battle lasted for about an hour.

At the end of the blast of smoke, you can see the beginning of the formation of the smoke ring. This was a confederate cannon as you can tell by the gray uniforms.

This is the blast from a union army cannon. What a cloud of smoke. The battlefield became very smokey from both the cannon and rifle fire. The smell of the smoke was acrid and at one point became so dense that it bothered me with a mild burning sensation in my throat. But there was a lot of excitement from all of the action going on. There were lots of spectators as well and everyone had a good time. We also went for lunch at a fancy Italian restaurant nearby called Vincent’s. Since it was lunch time Mary and I had hot sandwiches on Italian bread. I had a Italian sausage sandwich with fried green pepper and onion and provolene cheese covering the top of the sandwich. Mary had a hot pastrami sandwich. Both sandwiches were very good and we left with our appetites fully sated. It is Monday and so have a good day to those of us who don’t have to go to work and for those that do have to go to work, all I can say is make the best of it and "whistle while you work". Have a wonderful day today. Lew

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