Saturday, February 6, 2010

the end

Who is the mystery woman behind the “shades” (sunglasses)? The answer to be revealed at the end of the blog. The battle of Townsend Plantation reenactment took place in a very large field and they had numerous wooden bleachers set up all along one side of the field.
Did you notice the two bags of kettle corn on the bleacher to the right of the mystery woman and two people devouring a bag of kettle corn to the left of her? Doesn’t it look as though the man is about to take a rather large handful of the kettle corn? I guess that he must like it. I do too. There was a woman in period dress pulling a cart selling the kettle corn to the spectators. I have had kettle corn and it is very good. It is popcorn to which some sugar has been added to the hot popping oil. This gives a slight sugary glaze to the popcorn giving it a light sweetness. We didn’t get any because we had just eaten a large lunch at the nearby fancy Italian restaurant Vincents.

They had a rope strung up the length of the field to keep the spectators from wandering onto the field where all of the shooting was taking place. This fellow was patrolling the rope to prevent anyone from going beyond the rope.

Just look at the antique handcuffs he had hanging from his belt. They really went for authenticity in their dress. And the gun. Everyone had guns at this event.

Everyone was dressed in soldier uniforms except for the sheriff above and the gentleman below.

Since this was the battle of Townsend Plantation perhaps he represented a gentleman plantation owner. And he also had a gun tucked away in his vest with just the handle showing.
Now I couldn’t resist putting this next picture in.

As you can see there is a Union artillery piece on top this mound along with a number of blue bellied yankees. The announcer referred to this as Mound Dora and that originally Mount Dora was actually called Mound Dora but that the name was later changed to Mount Dora because it sounded better. A cute and funny bit of humor during the festivities.

And now it is time to reveal the identity of the mystery woman. It’s Mary. She is bundled up because it was very cold this day. Like me her hands got cold and we both walked around with our hands in our coat pockets. We had a good time and got lots of pictures.

And so now we say goodbye to the folks at the reenactment since this is my last blog about them (thank goodness). But wait! Who are those people in the background of the above picture?

What kind of civil war outfit is this? I think that these bikers meant to go to Daytona. They were very well behaved and no rowdiness at all. I think that everyone had a really good time including the bikers. Have a good week-end and try to do something special and most of all, have fun. Lew

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