Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the printer

The cat has found a new favorite place to sit and lie, the top of my multi-tasking printer, copier and scanner. By the way, just look at the size of the toes on her paws, a big cat. You don't want to be on the receiving end of those claws.

One day I was in the middle of a print job and the printer suddenly stopped. I discovered that the cat had put her paw onto the on and off button turning my printer off. In this picture you can see her paw resting on the button. There are other buttons also such as scan and copy. One day the scanner started all on its own. Yep, the cat had accidentally put its paw on the scan button.
Whenever I go to print something and she both hears and feels the vibrations of the printer, she has to look to watch the paper coming out and then tries to grab it. Was it they say, the curiosity of a cat?

Oh yeah, she likes to lay on the top of the printer also. She is actually too big for it but she “makes do”. Her behavior is easy to predict, sort of like Murphy’s Law, “a dropped tool will always land where it will do the most damage”. Similarly, she will lay wherever I prefer that she not lay and do want I don’t want her to do like darting through a doorway into a room that I am closing the door of. So then I have to go find her to get her out of the room so I can close the door which isn’t easy because she will hide behind a couch or in a closet. And of course this usually happens when I am in a hurry and getting ready for the movies. Her sweet ways offset the curious cat behavior and makes everything tolerable.

And speaking of the movies, Mary and I went to see the movie The Edge of Darkness starring Mel Gibson. It was good and I think that it was loosely based on a real life incident involving a Russian fellow who was deliberately poisoned with radioactive material. The popcorn was good as usual with lots of butter and salt and best of all it was free. We get coupons each week on our email from AMC for free popcorn. We eat until we are stuffed with popcorn and usually end up bringing half of the bag back home.

The weather is cool today but I am not going to complain because the memory of the hot steamy summers is till in my memory. Have a good time today with whatever you do (even shoveling snow in Long Island). Lew

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