Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is a picture of Tuffy, a border collie. The same kind of dog as in the movie Babe about the little pig on the farm. This dog lived at a place called The Little Farm. The owners told me that her name was Tuffy. This was a farm set up for educational purposes for children. They had a few of every type of farm animal imaginable and gave demonstrations to the school children who were brought here by the busload. The border collie is a dog used for sheep herding purposes. I would collect goat milk samples here for work. When I would pull into the Little Farm with my van, Tuffy would run over and kept cutting in front of one corner of my car forcing me to turn the steering wheel. I told the owners about this and they said that she was just trying to “herd” me and that type of behavior instinctual with them. There were a total of three of these border collies, but Tuffy, because of her loving disposition, was my favorite. She always greeted me warmly. I would go to the Little Farm about once every three months. One time I heard via the grapevine that a vehicle had pulled on to the property and was leaking antifreeze. Two of the dogs who had drank the antifreeze died. There was a two in three chance that Tuffy had been one of the ones that had drank the antifreeze and died and only a one chance in three that she was the one that was left alive. I held my breath until my next scheduled visit and I was so glad when Tuffy came running out to greet me. She was the one who had lived. I felt sorry for the other two dogs that had died but I was absolutely ecstatic with joy that Tuffy was alive. I always enjoyed seeing Tuffy on my trips to The Little Farm and I am sure that the school children enjoyed her also. Tuffy is one of my pleasant memories of my life in Miami. May everyone find a pet as sweet as Tuffy. Lew

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Amethyst said...

I'm really sorry that these dogs have died. I found this post a bit hard to read as I love animals and I love Border Collies, they are amazing dogs that love to please. I'm glad that your favourite dog is still alive, I can imagine the relieve you must have felt.