Friday, July 31, 2009


Here is the birdbath that Mary has in her front yard so that the birds and squirrels can get a drink of cool water on a hot summer day. The basin of the birdbath is shaped like a leaf. As a decoration Mary put an angel into the birdbath. As you explore around the picture, you will find so much to see. Like the bougainvillea plant to the right of the birdbath or the latticework that Mary put around the well. But wait, what is that lurking in the shadows to the left of the latticework?

Can you see it better now that I have it circled in yellow? Yes, it seems to be black and white. Perhaps we can get a better look.

But of course, it is Tammy the cat. Whenever I am working outside she likes to watch. She is absolutely fascinated by work. She can sit in the shade and watch me for hours laboring in the hot sun. So now who is the “dumb animal”; the cat resting in the shade on a hot day or the human laboring in the bright sun? Definitely something to think about. Have a nice cool day with a chilly cold icee from 7/11. The blue colored ones are my favorite icee. Lew

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seaside said...

I guess you can say, I get a real sugarfree icee. Mine is crushed ice with water sprinkled on top. The ice kind of hards, but in some spots is powdery and easy to chew. The crushed ice and water come from my frig. Tammy does seem pretty smart to stay of the heat.