Saturday, July 11, 2009

they're everywhere!!!

Those pretty blue wildflowers are multiplying and spreading. We are not cutting them down to see how many we can get since when the flowers open up they are quite pretty. They seem to be doing so well. We are trying to encourage those plants that grow well in this sandy soil since so many of our store bought plants don’t seem to do well. The gladiolus plants started out good but now they too seem to be struggling. Could the moles be damaging the gladiolus bulbs and roots? Anyway, we are practicing xerascape type landscaping which means encouraging those plants that do well with little care. Can you count the plants? Here is a little help.

Have a good day and if you don’t have any pets to keep you company just get an Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm and watch the little ants hard at work. Remember those? I had several of them when I was very young and absolutely loved it. My mom was always afraid of the ants getting out. Smile, and then smile some more. Lew

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seaside said...

It sure is a sunny Saturday. I hope the shuttle goes this evening.