Friday, July 24, 2009

a catbird

Kitty, kitty, where is the kitty? Can you find the kitty in this photograph?
But of course, there she is in the tree tops.

She has found a spot in the tree top where the tree branches off into four large branches creating what looks like would be a good spot for a bird to build a nest. The tree is a eucalyptus tree, the type that smells like cough drops. Once she is up in the tree, we can call and call and she won’t come down until she is ready. I think that she knows that we can’t get to her when she is up there and she likes this spot in the tree tops because she can stay outside as long as she wants. She doesn’t seem to have any difficulty getting up into the tree or coming down. Perhaps she was a bird in a former life. Right now it is early morning and the dawn of a new day, quite literally. The sun has not peeked up over the horizon yet but it is illuminating the clouds in colors of pinkish-red. I wonder what kind of a day this will be. A good day, I hope. Maybe I should be really optimistic and buy a lottery ticket. I could do the Mel Fisher routine as I sit in front of the television Saturday night with my lottery ticket in my hand watching the numbered balls come up. Like Mel Fisher, I could just keep saying Mel’s famous expression “Today’s the day.” What do you think. Would it work? It did for Mel Fisher. Have a lucky day. After all, today could be the day for you too. Lew

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seaside said...

The storms have past through New Smyrna tonight. We use to have a Eucalyptus,but it quit blooming and was cut down. Nice pictures