Saturday, July 4, 2009

camera case

My digital camera didn’t come with a camera case. I was afraid of the LCD screen on the back of the camera getting scratched. I asked Mary if she could make me a camera case to protect the LCD screen. She made the cloth case below.

It is a nice case because the material is heavyweight which gives a lot of protection to the camera, it has a Velcro closure which makes it easy to open and close, it has a short strap on it, and it is very flexible so I can just stuff it into my pocket when I take the camera out of it. It is really a nice case for the camera.

I have a 1 gigabyte SD memory card in the camera which gives me plenty of storage. I really like the blue color of the camera. Today is a day at the Mt. Dora flea market. I like the Mt. Dora flea market because it is indoors and air conditioned. It is very large with row after row of vendors. And if you walk the entire flea market, you have gotten your exercise. Mary and I each carry a celfone in case we should get separated we can communicate with one another. You know, something like, "Hello Mary? munch. I am by the hot dog stand. munch, munch. Where are you? munch. No, I am not eating a hot dog. munch, gulp, slurp." Lew

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seaside said...

This is a nice carrying case and eating a hotdog or two is no huge crime. This sounds like a great plan for spending the Fourth of July.