Saturday, July 18, 2009

jam jars

So many food products come in plastic containers now. There was a time when glass was used. And glass is truly recyclable. We get our jam preserves in these thick-walled jars. When we are finished, we wash out the jars and remove the labels. You could drink out of them but we prefer to use them for storing left-over foods in. We even freeze food in them in the freezer. Even when there are liquids in the jar along with the food such as whole kernel corn which came from a can. We will pour the liquid from the can into the jar along with the corn and freeze it and the glass does not break because the walls of the glass jar are so thick and strong. Plus they are easy to pick up because of the handle which is a real plus when you take them out of the freezer. I just think that these jars are neat because they can be used for so many things instead of being discarded in the trash or put into the recycling bin. Breakfast this morning was fried eggs over easy on top of corned beef hash which had been cooked and browned under the broiler of the toaster oven. We also had cinnamon swirl cranberry toast which I put some pineapple jam onto my toast. I like the pineapple jam. It reminds me so much of pineapple pie which I like but is very hard to get. When I was very young I would get those indivual pies in pineapple at the local malt shop. I think that they cost a dime at the time. I also liked the blueberry individual pies but they could be messy if the blueberry filling dripped onto my white tee shirt. Have a nice day and don't forget to take time to smell the flowers which we have in great abundance here in Florida. Lew

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seaside said...

These are such pleasant memories of jam jars. We use our leftover jars for the honey lady in Osteen, so she can sell her honey. Plus,glass holds up better than plastic. I have been told not to freeze plastic water jugs and drink out of them. I have in the past, but would not do it now. Dining on Maxwell house coffee this morning.