Tuesday, July 14, 2009

vietnam revisited

This is the building where the small artifacts are stored. There are a jillion of them of a wide variety. I believe this is the backside of the museum but it is seen as you enter their site. Someone had done a very nice mural of Vietnam from the soldier’s perspective.

Someone has put a lot of work into the mural as it is quite large and covers the entire side of the building.

I just thought that this mural was a fine tribute to those soldiers who fought in an unpopular war. It is good to have reminders like this mural and the museum lest we forget. Have a nice day and get some Kentucky Fried Chicken to munch on while watching the shuttle launch (whenever it goes). Actually, the Banquet frozen fried chicken is pretty good and costs a lot less. With the money savings you could get a bag of frozen French fries to go with the chicken. Take care. Lew

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seaside said...

Mom and I are watching the Walter Cronkite memorials. You get a lot of history with the story telling of his journalistic life.