Monday, July 13, 2009

keeping up with the neighbor

I guess that in a sense we are trying to keep up with our neighbor. You know the one, the neighbor with the vines covering his house. We had a single vine grow up in front of the rail. Although it is one of those vines with spikes for thorns we decided to let it grow and wrapped it around the railing. It is doing quite well. We have a lot of these types of vines around the house and like seaside's sister with the cacti, they seem to grow back as fast as I cut them. They just seem to be everywhere; in the magnolia bushes and on the chain link fences, and now on the front porch railing. With the coming of the summer rains, plants and grass seem to be growing in great profusion. Today is suppose to be a shuttle launch day. I hope that it is able to launch. Yesterday I sat for a period of time watching a live broadcast from the Kennedy space center of the shuttle sitting on the launch pad. Nothing happened because the launch was cancelled but the commentary by the newsmen was interesting and made it all worthwhile. Today it is off to the hospital. But not for any medical treatment but to discuss a blood work lab test that wasn't coded right for medical billing and was declined payment. So I have to get that straightened out which may or may not go easy. If I can't get it resolved then I am going to have to pay the hospital $ 78 which I don't want to do because for that amount I can get fifteen trips to Cicci's pizza buffet for that price and I would rather haver the pizza. And who doesn't like pizza? Have a nice cool day and stay indoors as much as possible and enjoy a cool macaroni salad or potato salad along with your hot dog. Lew

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seaside said...

One word Quest for bloodwork. Quest is a lot cheaper and blue cross and blue shield reconizes it. I hope you are watching all the Walter Cronkite specials. There is everything from the space program to the Vietnam War stuff on. You get a real deep look at the past while watching his specials.