Friday, July 3, 2009

bread and butter

Bread and butter. Mary discovered that the cats like bread with butter spread on it. Well, not real butter, but Crock's spread which I guess is healthier than butter. I was surprised that they even ate the bread and butter, but they love it. Mary also puts out a generous supply of dry cat food as well. Tammy the cat is both a fussy eater and a finicky eater. If the can of cat food has been opened for more than a couple of hours, she won't touch it. I guess that it must lose some of its aroma by being open. So what Tammy the cat won't eat, gets put out for the feral cats to eat. The cat eating the bread and butter is the mafia cat Tony. I call him a mafia cat because of his Italian name. Last night we had a pork tenderloin that was shaped like a log roll. It came sealed inside heavy plastic with teriyaki seasonings inside the package, so the meat has had a long time to marinate. It was very good and we will get at least one more meal out of that pork loin. The pork loin came from WalMart and it was very inexpensive. I was surprised by the price and we went back the following day and bought two more of them. The pork loin was very lean and free of any fat plus the fact that there is no bone means that the whole loin gets eaten. But today is Friday and that means fish for supper. Mary is going to prepare some flounder. She is also preparing a pasta salad with a box mix called Suddenly Pasta which has nice seasonings in it. Today it is a work-outdoors day since the chance of rain is suppose to be less than yesterday. Everyone have a nice cool day and for those non-believers in global warming, just step outdoors around 3:00 in the afternoon. What can I say but HOT!!! Lew

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seaside said...

I see that blaring sun on the Fourth of July. I ask "Where is the rain?" Cool me down a couple of degrees and make my day nice. Interesting concept of kitties eating bread and butter. I would never imagine this would intrigue them.