Wednesday, July 15, 2009

nose art

Nose art. No, I don’t mean nose rings or little gold studs in the nose. I mean the tradition of painting a picture on the nose of airplanes. This started with the bombers of world war II. Usually it was a pretty girl or a silly cat. Something for the crew of the airplane to identify with and that made their plane unique from all of the other airplanes. This helicopter at the Vietnam memorial museum had the image of Mickey Mouse on it for its nose art.

And this MASH unit is the only one that was officially given permission to use the image of Mickey on their aircraft.

This was a medical helicopter used to evacuate the wounded soldiers from the battlefield back to a medical unit. Thus the red cross on the plane.

It is really nice that the Vietnam war museum is preserving so much of the history of the Vietnam war for the future generations to see. A noble effort by noble men.
As I write this, dawn is starting to break and it is a new day. Last night we had a hamburger pizza from Little Caesar’s for supper. We had two slices each which is only half the pizza. There are four slices left which will be our lunch today. So the two of us got two meals each from a
$ 5.00 pizza. Now that is a good deal and we didn’t even have to cook it. Today we will see if the shuttle launches. I agree with seaside that they should pick a different time of day to launch the shuttle. After all, this is Florida and we all know that the summertime weather pattern is rain in the afternoon. A morning launch or a night launch would have a better chance of launching with respect to the weather. But I am sure that they have some good reasons for having to launch at that time. I feel sorry for the people who travel a long distance to see the launch and then get disappointed and have a long drive home. Seaside is lucky, all she has to do is open her front door to watch the launch. I go out into the front yard here in Orlando to see the shuttle go up but it is quite small and what we see most is the flame from the solid booster rockets and the smoke trail. Gotta go. Lew

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seaside said...

Pizza sounds good, but we dined on baked turkey this evening.It sure put mom to sleep. It would have put me to sleep if I didn't start cleanig the kitchen dishes. Interesting nose art.